2. Process Flow Improvement & Transformation

Global Supply Chain Management covers a vast range of functional responsibilities and interrelated processes and relationships, in order to facilitate the availability of a product for the Customer. It involves Suppliers, Materials, Manufacturing, Warehousing, Planning, NPI, Shipping, Customers, Outsourcing, People, Compliance and much more. Global Supply Chain Management is the total Management, Control and Coordination of all of these Elements, Processes and Relationships

Most companies do not know the full cost of their total Supply Chain Management processes. There is no doubt however, that it is a significant cost. Yet, a substantial number of companies, particularly Irish indigenous businesses, ignore the potential savings that can be achieved by critically reviewing these complex process flows.

Process Flow Improvement Transformation involves systematically reviewing your Supply Chain Management processes and making improvements that can result in significant savings and efficiencies for your business. The objective is for your business to achieve maximum Supply Chain Management performance.

We at Global SCM Solutions Ireland, specialise in Process Flow Improvement Transformation. We can work with you to review your global Supply Chain Management process flows and help your company to identify the key areas that will benefit from Improvement Transformation. The many diverse functions and responsibilities within global Supply Chain Management provide most companies with the best opportunity to make real improvements to their business and to see real benefits.

Also, the total costs within your total Supply Chain Management processes is probably the biggest cost element within your business, so you need to give it the attention and priority it deserves.

Aside from the significant costs involved, an inefficient global Supply Chain Management structure inhibits your ability to operate efficiently, reduces your competitiveness and suffocates your potential to grow. Even where some of the supply chain management functions within a business may be operating well, they are commonly not in sync with the rest of the supply chain functions/processes and this lack of cohesiveness can result in overall inefficiencies for the business.

Global SCM Solutions Ireland are experienced at recognising the problems within you Supply Chain Management processes and successfully implementing the required improvements through Process Flow Improvement Transformation. We will work closely with you to identify the problem areas and then formulate an action plan to address the issues, with real effective solutions.

Our objective is to simplify the process, reduce costs, increase operational efficiency, optimise resources, increase your competitiveness and your organisations ability to grow.

We can work with you on optimising any of your individual Supply Chain Management processes or support your business on streamlining processes together to increase your overall operational efficiency.

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