3. Planning Warehousing Shipping Optimisation

The Planning process in Supply Chain Management is a crucial element of the overall process. Not only does it link all of the key processes together, but it drives the flow and control parameters of the whole organisation. The scope and responsibility of the Planning process is enormous and cannot be underestimated. It includes:

  • Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)
  • Production & Materials Planning
  • Resource Planning
  • Capacity Planning
  • Demand Planning
  • Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP)
  • Strategic Planning

Consequently, it is critical for the business that your Planning processes are streamlined, structured properly, using the correct data including Leadtimes, MOQ’s, Rules etc, working from accurate Forecasts, Demands, Stocks, BOMs, Routings etc, and using appropriate system supports (MRP/ERP).

Warehouse Management is an integral part of your Supply Chain Management systems and has a major impact on your business performance. You can tell a lot about a company’s overall performance and condition by examining their Warehouse processes and controls.

Are they carrying too much stock, not enough stock, the wrong stock? Are the Goods Receipts areas and Shipping areas efficient, under control and flowing smoothly? What controls are in place for Segregation, Traceability, Storage, Movement of goods, Stock Accuracy? What about compliance with QMS procedures?

Global Shipping & Distribution systems need robust procedures and processes in place that ensure your Customer orders  are supplied on time, in good quality, safely, in compliance with procedures and that the correct documentation, labelling and packaging is in place. Movements need to also comply with QMS requirements and your ERP stock reconciliation and control system.

We at Global SCM Solutions Ireland are highly experienced at optimising Planning, Warehousing and Shipping process flows. We can work with you to ensure that these key process flows are being Optimally managed and meeting the specific needs of your business. We will also look at redesigning and simplifying the process flows and putting structures in place that facilitate the key outcomes that your business requires.

Part of this Optimisation process will involve formulating appropriate KPI’s that will help you to monitor, control and take corrective action if a Key Performance measure is not achieved. We can also support you on your QMS and ERP procedures to ensure Compliance with process changes. 

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